If you have ever felt the need for a new way to participate in life and relate to others, then LightQuest Workshops are for you! By addressing emotional, social, mental, physical, and spiritual issues, LightQuest helps you to awaken your power and potential. Still wondering if now is the time, and if this is the place? If you answer YES to one or more of these questions, LightQuest can make a difference! 

  • Do you struggle starting and keeping close relationships? 
  • Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over? 
  • Do you feel depressed, tense, lost, powerless or confused? 
  • Do you feel the damaging effects of your past on your present life? 
  • Do you wonder why your life seems to have little meaning or purpose? 
  • Do you want more quality from your relationships, career, and life?

In this effective seven-day intensive workshop, you will learn and practice new skills for a more dynamic life. You will discover that past hurts and resentments can keep you "stuck". Our approach is to help participants re-experience and add meaning to an array of emotions including anger, loss, shame, abandonment, fear or jealousy, and move you to feel a new (and perhaps unfamiliar) set of emotions such as peacefulness, trust, gratitude, joy, excitement and contentment. 

What is the Masters 4-Day Workshop?

The next level in personal development for participants of the 7-Day LightQuest Workshop is the Masters. The goal of this uniquely enriching and deep experience is for participants to expand on the skills and insight developed in the 7-Day and become consciously aware that "life is a journey," in which we have the freedom and tools to create a new framework to operate and literally change your life. 

Upon completion, you will be keenly aware of  "Who I am" and be able to develop choices which are in alignment and consistent with this affirmation. This means having the courage and fiery passion to live your life with Clarity, Wisdom, Joy, Strength and Peace. 

Schedule, Location, Fee, and Other Details

  • Pre-Requisite: Must have graduated from the 7-Day LightQuest Workshop. 
  • Locations vary but generally, Masters is held in a nearby mountain community camp site or private cabin.  
  • Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon.
  • Fees include meals, all class materials and boarding accommodations.  
  • There is a $450.00 Non-Refundable deposit required for this workshop upon sign-up.
  • Enrollment is $1150.00. 
  • We accept most credit cards as well as cash, personal checks and/or money orders.

Please Note:  Masters Workshop is generally held once a year. Space is limited. Early registration is highly recommended! 

What are the physical demands of the workshops? 

Generally, high functioning adults void of serious medical conditions or mental disorders who can sit, bend, stoop, reach high and low, and move at a moderate pace can do well. Please talk to a LifeQuest counselor about any medical conditions, allergies or medications being taken if you are considering attending the workshops. Your health and safety is our first priority. 


The LightQuest Workshop is designed for maximum results. Many of our graduates claim that it is more effective than anything they have ever done. All it requires is seven days of your time and commitment: Three weekdays and two weekends. Empower yourself, rediscover your passion and know who you really are!  

The LightQuest Workshops Goals Are: 

  • Ability to Identify and Heal Past Hurts. 
  • Discover and Change what is Holding You Back. 
  • Recognize what You Really Want from Life.
  • Condition Yourself for Peak Physical, Mental, and Spiritual States. 
  • Improve Relationships with Parents, Spouse, Children, Friends and Coworkers.
  • Enjoy More Energy and Reignite Your Passions. 
  • Feel Less Intensity of Perceived Stress.  
  • Minimize compulsive thoughts, impulses and actions. 
  • Minimize feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. 
  • Decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, fear and anger.  
  • Achieve a Greater Orientation and Focus of the Present and Goals.  
  • Ability to be more independent, and self-supportive.  
  • Ability to be more flexible.
  • Learn to be more sensitivity to your own needs and feelings (able to establish healthy boundaries).  
  • Learn to express feelings and be yourself.
  • Gain an improved capacity to develop meaningful and warm interpersonal relationships with others.  
  • Develop a connection to your deepest potential. (Olivarez, Experiential Psychotherapy Theory, 2010)
Basically, learning how to create for yourself a whole new way of living!  

The LightQuest Workshop is equally effective and appropriate for older adolescents and young adults ages 16-18 years old. With a parent or legal guardian's signed consent, the client can join a group to experience challenges towards changes that can make a positive impact into adulthood.

Work Areas For Younger Participants 

  • Cognition vs. Impulsivity 
  • Developing healthy boundaries 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Self Esteem, Confidence
  • Family Dynamics
  • Role (gender) Definition
  • Healing History of Trauma/Abuse
  • Tolerance/Anger issues
  • Mindfulness
  • Sexuality
  • Decision Making skills
  • Domestic Violence- Recognizing signs/ending
  • Peer Pressure
  • Internalizing and Restructuring
  • Empathy

  • Workshop site located near Idyllwild, CA.
  • Three (3) weekdays, and Two (2) weekends. 
  • Both Individual and Group centered to maximize personal experiences and group treatment. 
  • Most meals are provided. Class materials provided. 
  • Two (2) follow up sessions provided @ 2 and 4 weeks post graduation. 
  • Boarding accommodations provided @ location near Idyllwild, CA.
  • Workshop Fees Enrollment is $ 2,490 for the full seven-day program. 
  • There is a $850 non-refundable deposit required upon sign up. 
  • We accept most credit cards as well as cash, personal checks and/or money orders.  

Week 1 *  (All Times Are Approximate)

 Day  Start Time

 End Time

 Friday  5:00 pm

 Saturday  9:00 am

 Sunday  9:00 am

 2:00 pm

 * Participants will be lodged at Workshop facility near Idyllwild, CA

Participants will carpool with other Participants on both weekends, parking is limited at Workshop location.

Week 2*

 Day  Start Time

 End Time

 Thursday  8:00 am  TBD
 Friday  8:00 am

 Saturday  8:00 am

 Sunday  8:00 am

2:30 pm

 *Participants will be lodged at Workshop facility near Idyllwild, CA.